Logos, August 23-24, 2010

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Final logo
Sketch logos
Initial Punavuori logos
Old logos


Punavuori biz card v1:
I made it big and shrank it, which causes stuff to fuzz. In print I think it would be legible. The tags would be pretty small.

Business card with Punavuori font, white background, angels



Punavuori v1 with CAPS

Punavuori font with angels

Logo size:




Punavuori version 1

Logo with Punovuori V1 


Shrunk to 100px tall

small version




Punavuori v1 with a mix of caps and lc





Punavuori version 2

The big one shows a banner that could stretch across a 1024 web page.

Logo with Punovuori version 2


Shrunk to 100px tall

small version 2





A simple Punavuori logo
100px tall, no taglines. Two takes.

Simple punovuori for small logos